We looking to add celebrations, events and weddings to our portfolio of drone photography and video services so we have decided to offer four lucky couples the opportunity to have their wedding filmed for free.

Each couple will get 2 hours of our video services on-site as well as post production to compile a video sequence and still images absolutely free of charge, if you already have a wedding videographer then we can also supply them with 4K raw footage to use in their videos.

We work seamlessly alongside your existing photographer and they will, of course, still have control of the overall photography, we are just an added extra.

Having your wedding filmed by drone can be discreet and offer incredible angles and perspectives you simply wont get with a standard videographer or photographer.

So, if you are getting married this year (granted a tall order in itself) then contact us and tell us why you think we should film your wedding.

We promise there wont be any hidden costs, the only thing we will ask you for is a review and the right to use your big day in our portfolio.


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