Geology & Archaeology


Getting vision beyond what is easily accessible can help you obtain important extra data when it comes to studying Geology.

By their very nature, rock formations can often be hard to get to and studying them can often involve risky processes such as ropework or ladder/scaffold work.

We can obtain ultra-high resolution images & video of geology in some of the most inaccessible places with ease, and importantly, without risk.

Our rates are some of the most competitive around for professional drone services and we often work with Universities and Colleges on projects on a cost basis.


When looking for archaeology getting a bird’s eye view can often be the difference of finding something, or walking straight past it. Particularly in dry agriculture environments.

Traditionally this has been done with helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft but the cost is often prohibitive for a project budget.

We can bring an added benefit to your project by offering you a birds-eye view up to 120m above ground level without blowing your budget.

We already have competitive rates but as we have a genuine interest in archaeology, we often offer our service at cost or on an “expenses” basis.

Whatever your requirements, have a chat with us and let us show you how we can save you time, and money.

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